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Balancing energy in the bodies where energy flows


Hello, I'm Deborah!

I'm a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher. I teach Holy Fire and Dr. Usui Reiki to assist your own bodies natural healing ability. 

I'm also a Certified Selenite Sword of Light, I do Light body activations, octave balancing, harmonizing, energy clearing, Pleiadian Rings and more.

Spiritual readings - channel medium

IARP Membership

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What is Reiki Energy Healing?

There is nothing about Reiki that could interfere with conventional care. The touch is very light, there is nothing to ingest (such as herbs) so there is no interaction with prescription medicines. Enlightening you to your Octaves. Balancing the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.

What We Offer

You Matter is dedicated to helping those who are having trouble getting started on their journey whether you're new to alternative treatments or a long time advocate, there is something for everyone in this series of shows. I would encourage you to view/listen to these with an open mind and an open heart. Each segment builds on the last one and will teach you tips techniques, tools, and products that will sustain your wellness over time. As the host of this show it gives me pleasure to know that those who might have never been introduced to this material now have a choice.

You Matter


For a Reiki Session or to schedule a class to become a reiki healer or getting a reading please contact me by phone or by email. To make an appointment or for more information, please fill out the following contact form.

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